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Our mission is to deliver healthier, more natural water care systems and solutions

This reduces the time and complexity involved in enjoying water as a

central aspect of your outdoor family time

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Our Hot Tubs


Each Marquis is designed to perform. Under the panels, workhorse pumps channel water optimized for maximum flow. They push massive amounts of water to engineered seating; each designed for specific functions. From hydrotherapy to relaxation there is a place in a Marquis for you. If spending time with your family and friends is your goal, Marquis has top tier entertainment options available including Bluetooth connections and highest quality speakers and dock options.

Eco Spas

Experience the epitome of relaxation with the Eco Spa Hot Tub. Fully insulated for Canadian winters and built to last, it guarantees lifetime warranty on the cover and lift system. With its easy to use hard-cover, enjoy pristine, clean water and sink into its ergonomic seating for the ultimate comfort. Unwind and rejuvenate with the Eco Spa Hot Tub. Perfect for rental cottages.

Free Flow Spas

Free Flow Spas are affordable hot tubs that maintain consistent quality and value, allowing you to enjoy your spa without any financial stress. They stand out for their durability, as they are crafted using rotational molding instead of traditional acrylic materials. Additionally, installation is super simple. They plug into a regular outlet, and you can start relaxing in no time.

Our Products

Pool Chemicals

From balancing pH to cleaning cartridges, our Water Care collection will have exactly what you need to make your pool care, simple, easy and effective.

Hot Tub Chemicals

From balancing sanitizer to drain prep, our Water Chemical collection will have exactly what you need to make your hot tub care, simple, easy and effective.


After 20 years of experience. Our diverse and economic selection of parts, equipment and tools may have exactly what you’re looking for.