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Friday, 10 May 2013 15:45


Hey Everyone! Do you love using your pool in the summer but dread having to open it every spring? Have no fear, the experts at Atlantis have some tips to help do-it-yourselfers open your pool a little easier. When removing your winter cover, use a submersible pump to take the water off the top as well as beginning to fill the pool by placing your garden hose under the cover. This makes taking your cover off a lot easier and helps minimize the amount of debris that falls into the pool. Make sure you brush any debris off your cover and use Dazzle Cover Cleanse and store it properly away to extend the cover life. Fill the pool to the halfway mark of your skimmer. Next remove winterizing devices such as Gizmos (skimmer plug) and put your skimmer basket and weir back into place. Unplug your return lines and put your jet fittings back on. Make sure to angle the return jets down in the same direction to promote water circulation. Remove plugs from your pump to allow antifreeze to drain out. Inspect all of your equipment to see if you require any replacements or repairs. Hook up your pump and filter; be sure to lubricate your pump o-ring to ensure a proper seal. Now you are ready to reattach any deck equipment such as ladders and rails. Be sure to lubricate all bolts on your ladders and rails to prevent rusting. Now you're ready to prime the pump and turn on your pool system. Add the component chemicals in the Dazzle Opening kit which includes Ultra Shock and Algae Resist 50. Run your system for 24 hours. Next, bring a water sample Atlantis at either our Essex or Tecumseh locations where we will test your water and provide information on how to balance your pool as well as help you find all the chemicals and parts you will need to enjoy your pool this summer. With the hard part over, you can now lounge by the pool; however, if this task should still prove too daunting for you, you can always call us to have our professional team come to open your pool for you. Save $20 if you prepay your opening or save $30 if you prepay your opening and closing with us until June 30. Have fun in your newly opened pool, and watch for our next blog post for more tips on pool care!

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