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Natural Gas Pool Heaters - Buying Tips

Natural Gas DryersTaking the time to choose the right size pool heater will save you money in the long run. A pool heater that is too small but had a low purchase price can end up taking much longer to heat your pool than a correct sized unit.

Figure out the volume and surface area of your pool, add in your desired water temperature as well as the daily and nightly temperatures in your region and take these numbers to your pool retailer. They will help you choose the most efficient, affordable natural gas pool heater for you based on facts, not guess work.

Look for a stainless steel burner for greater reliability and a longer, more reliable life.

Compare natural gas pool heaters by looking for the purchase price along with the cost of desired accessories and options, the cost of installation and the operating and maintenance costs. Compare warranties and service agreements.

Make sure to invest in a solar pool cover. This will help maintain the water temperature overnight, and while not in use.

When purchasing your pool, discuss with the retailer the options for the pool installation. They will usually manage the installation of your new pool along with the pool heater.

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