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Remove the risk of expensive repairs…….

Get your Hot Tub or Spa serviced now, with one of our competitive service packages, we leave no stone unturned when looking for leak’s, plumbing problems and making sure your spa works in perfect condition. We pride ourselves in our complete thorough approach and look forward to looking after your hot tub like its at our own home.

Weekly Cleaning & Balance Service

You can schedule Atlantis to inspect and clean the filter(s), empty the skimmer basket, wipe down the acrylic surface at the water line, clean the scum bug (or replace it), balance the spa water using your chemicals, wipe down of cover and clean top of cover randomly.  Service includes weekly shock.

Weekly Contract - $65 per visit

Bi_Weekly Contract - $75 per visit

Complete Service

Your complete annual service: we give the tub a complete overhaul - every part is checked and signed off. We also flush your tub through, giving it a clean as we go. Most well-known manufacturers will tell you that getting your Spa or Hot Tub serviced regularly could save you money in the long run, as we can detect problems early. Your tub needs to be full and up to temperature. If additional work is required, we will always discuss it with you first.

$225 (includes up to 4 Hours On-Site)

Quarterly Service

This service is for the busy professional. When you have worked hard through the week and that weekend chores list is getting longer, let us take care of the Hot Tub for you. We flush the Hot Tub through, rotate and clean your filters, re-fill, and re-balance the water. We recommend you use quarterly service every three months or as often as you like.

$129 (includes up to 2 Hours On-Site)

Hot Tub Safety Check

Choose a 'Safety Check' when you don't want a fall service but you would like to make sure the hot tub is in good safe condition. The cost is the same as a repair call out and takes 1 hour to perform.  If any work is required use our On-Site Rate and/or a rebook maybe required for extra time on site.

$90 (includes up to 1 hour on-site)



Quarterly Service
Complete Service
Complete system flush – A chemical wash out of the pumps and pipework using a chemical cleaner to remove any build up of dirt and fat that may have accumulated
Clean and degrease filter elements – Using a supplied cleaning solution, note older filters may need replacing **
Empty, deep cleanse, wet vacuum and rinse of hot tub shell
Jets and pillows removed, inspected and cleaned
Full inspection of components – All components such as pump, blowers, etc are checked. Pumps checked for noise and leaks, etc *
Check ozonator – clean and descale if necessary
Full plumbing inspection for leaks – All pipe work and glued joints are checked *
Check heater and circulation pumps is clear of scale
Tighten all unions and inspect, replace and seals if necessary
Spa refilled with fresh water
Spa started and all pumps primed of air
Initial water balance using customers chemicals
Clean and inspect cover and treat with 303 vinyl protectorant
Service report with any comments and advise.

Our engineers always have extra filters and chemicals for sale.


Spring Spa Opening Package

If your hot tub has been closed and the time has come for you to enjoy it again, we can get you up an running the right way!  Before taking on the chore of doing it yourself, consider our Spring Spa Opening Package. Our professional staff will make sure that every part of your hot tub is in its best working order and ready for your complete relaxation. With this package, your spa will be prepared properly and will quickly be ready for you to use again. Our Spring Spa Opening Package includes:

  • Professional inspection of each of your spa's mechanical workings
  • Replacement of your spa pump's drain plugs
  • Tightening of unions and fittings (if possible)
  • Installation of your hot tub's stored filters
  • Filling your hot tub to its best capacity
  • Professional inspection of current and potential leaks
  • Checking each spa function for proper operation


Spa Closing Package

If you are not planning on using your hot tub for an extended length of time, you'll need to make sure it's in the best possible condition for your next use. Atlantis can be hired to close your spa properly.

  • Bacteria formation is common with stagnant hot tub lines. Upon activation the bacteria can and will enter your spa water. This causes a nasty odor in your hot tub and is very unhealthy for you. We have a special formula to clean out your spa's water lines. It's also good for jetted bath tub water lines too!
  • Closing your spa improperly in the winter months can have disastrous consequences. Winter temperatures can crack your hot tub's manifolds, freeze pumps and plumbing and could easily cause severe damages that can add up into the thousands. All of which wouldn't be covered by your hot tub's warranty.
  • The energy you can save is tremendous! Your spa will use more energy between January and March than all the other months combined!


Chemical Maintenance for your Spa

Regardless of the type of chemical sanitation (salt water, bromine or chlorine) you use, Atlantis can provide you with a weekly or monthly program that is completely customized to fit both your budget and your needs. We can help to remove all guesswork in order to minimize maintenance time.

Cleaning of Stagnant Water

If you haven't had your water lines flushed or cleaned lately, there are most likely a host of bacteria inside. Bacteria in your water lines may cause odors and unhealthy conditions. It isn't too late! Atlantis can clean and flush out your hot tub’s water lines with our special formulated "Dazzle Drain Prep."Call us at either store locations or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today to receive your estimate absolutely free.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Your hot tub filters need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized up to two times per month, depending on its usage.  In addition to regular cleaning, your filters should be replaced at least once each year. Doing so can add years of life to your spa and years of relaxation for you. Atlantis provides ongoing maintenance programs. Our professionals will come to your home to clean and replace filters. Call or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


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