Home Pool & Spa Repairs Pool Opening/Closing Details
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Your Professional Pool Opening Service Includes The Following:

  • Pumping water from cover, clean & remove & put into storage container with cover cleaner
  • Removing all winterizing plugs etc.
  • Return all deck equipment (ladders, diving board, handrails, etc.)
  • Start system using main drain (bottom drain if there is one), otherwise customer will have to start the pool once filled using the skimmer..
  • Add chlorine only to water. Once pool is full, please bring a water sample to our store and we will test the water to get your season off to a great start

Please note:

  • Vacuuming is not included. Additional charge of $90.00/hr applies for vacuuming/cleaning, and needs to be scheduled once the pool is clear enough that the main drain/bottom is visible.
  • Customer is responsible for filling the swimming pool after the pool opening is completed. Atlantis Hot Tub and Pool Centre will not be responsible for water overflowing the pool once we have left. Above ground pool customers can start their own system once the pool is full simply by starting their pump.
  • Once pool is full, customer will be required to test water and add any other necessary chemicals.  We recommend bringing in a 1 L sample into our store for testing.
  • Pool cover must be intact and pool water free of debris or an additional charge could apply.
  • Extra charge for Spill over spa may be applicable, Extra labour, more than 3 bags of leaves(Add $10.00 per additional bag), drain down, vacuum or repairs and any chemicals, parts or accessories.
  • Please ensure all supplies (jets, pump plugs, etc) are accessible the day of the service.  If a 2nd trip is required, a surcharge will apply.

Your Professional Pool Closings/Winterizing Includes The Following:

  • Lower water level (1 inch below return)
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Winterize pool equipment (pump, filter, heater etc.)
  • Blow out water lines and plug lines
  • Add chlorine.  Put cover on pool.

Please note:

  • We close pools with supplies provided by homeowner. Please check to ensure that the cover and water bags are in good condition.
  • Please make sure all supplies are accessible the day of the service.  If a 2nd trip is required, a surcharge will apply
  • Vacuuming is not included.  Additional charge of $50.00 min. applies for vacuuming and needs to be scheduled prior to opening or closing.
  • Homeowner is responsible for water chemistry. Please be sure water is perfect before closing.
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