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DAZZLE Hot Tub Maintenance with Chlorine or Bromine

Before draining tub
Your tub should be drained every 3-4 months depending on usage
1.    Close air controls and remove filters

2.    Pour in entire bottle of DAZZLE Drain Prep into tub.  Run jets for 5 minutes on high.  
3.    Let run on normal circulate mode overnight and drain in morning (NOTE: air controls need to be closed or you will end up with bubbles everywhere!)
4.    Open access panel and check for any leaks (pumps, knife valves, etc)

Start up (don’t forget to fill tub through the filter/skimmer area to avoid an air lock)
----when water is above filters and turn on power---

1.    Add 1/2 bottle of DAZZLE Stain & Scale I
2.    Remove from bag & Let SCUM BUG float on top of water (collects body oils, etc.)

---- wait until water temperature hits at least 75 degrees (about 5 hours)

3.    Add 2 capfuls of DAZZLE Stain & Scale II
4.    Add 6 capfuls of DAZZLE Performance Plus by broadcasting the product into the spa with the circulation system operating continuously.  Allow spa water to circulate for one hour after application
5.    Fill the spa floater with 4  DAZZLE Chlorine or Bromine tablets and let it float in your spa.  Set your floater to #3(numbers on the side of the floater)
6.    Add 3 capfuls of DAZZLE Amaze Plus (with chlorine system) or Amaze (with bromine system) to the spa water.

7.    The next day, take a water sample to Atlantis to make sure enough DAZZLE Performance Plus is present in the water, to make sure your water is in balance (PH and Alkalinity) and that your calcium hardness level is correct.
8.    Follow instructions generated from your computerized water analysis.

Note:  At least 2 times per week, test your spa water using good quality test strips and balance as needed to keep the water safe for bathers.

Weekly Maintenance:

IMPORTANT:   Especially for tubs that are not used daily, open the spa cover completely, start tub and leave cover off for about 1 hour (allows spa waste gas to depart)

1. While tub is running, add 2 capfuls of DAZZLE Stain & Scale II and verify that alkalinity and pH are balanced with your test strip.
2. Once spa water is balanced (alkalinity 125-140/  pH 7.2-7.6) add 2 squirts of DAZZLE Botanical Cleanse (Enzyme Treatment)

wait 15 minutes

3. Shock your spa with 2-3 capfuls of DAZZLE Amaze Plus (shocking water kills any bacteria that is left in the spa)  
4.    Wipe down inside top walls (especially at the water line) of spa using “Spa Surface Wipes” weekly.
5.    Take cartridge filter out and rinse in sink or with a hose and re-install afterward.

Monthly: Put filter in bucket, fill with water and add DAZZLE FILTER CLEANSE. Let it soak overnight and rinse very well, then allow to dry before returning to spa.  SUGGESTED: Purchase another cartridge and rotate the cartridges monthly 

To protect your family AND your hot tub’s warranty, water should be brought into Atlantis once a month for our PROFESSIONAL chemical lab testing and definitely at start up.   Spa manufacturers require a running history of water chemistry should you have the need for warranty work and your own personal journal is not sufficient.  – Our Expert Water Testing is FREE and takes just a few minutes.                   

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